Noah Rothermel

Research Assistant

Noah Rothermel received his B.A. in Health Informatics from the University of Iowa in 2021. He began his research career as an undergraduate in 2018 and has extensive experience in the development, conduct, and analysis of research studies both on-road and in simulation. His interest in the motorsport industry has created a passion for developing driving safety technologies to be used by manufacturers for the general public.

On recent projects, Mr. Rothermel authored driving scenarios for research studies on the NADS-1 simulator including driver distraction, warning indicators, drowsiness countermeasures, and automated driving systems. He assisted with the development of and participated in data collection of an on-road study that evaluated the use of a bioptic telescope for drivers while navigating in an unfamiliar area. He regularly authors scenarios to be used in simulation studies, creates staff protocols, trains research staff, and writes technical reports with regard to scenario design and verification of methods used.

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Noah Rothermel
B.A., Health Informatics, University of Iowa