Stefan Plaettner

Visiting Fulbright Scholar

Stefan Plaettner has been working in the driving simulator research field at the Technical University of Dresden since 2019 and has extensive experience in the development and configuration of simulation environments with a focus on vehicle dynamics modeling and visualization systems. He has studied mechanical engineering with the specialization on automotive engineering at the Technical University of Dresden. After completing his diploma thesis (Dipl.-Ing.) he started to work as a research associate on the upcoming project "The highly immersive driving simulator" at the Chair of Automobile Engineering and is now a Ph.D. student since 2021.

With the responsibility for the driving simulator simulation software, a research gap arose regarding the impact of simulation tools on the driving simulator validity. Therefore, in his Ph.D. Stefan will investigate suitable approaches to evaluate how the influence on the behavioural validity can be measured in a reproducable process, which will allow other driving simulator researchers to have a baseline comparison of their research results.

From January to June 2023, Stefan will conduct a research stay at the Driving Safety Research Institute under a Fulbright short-term scholarship. With an extensive exchange of research knowledge as well as cultural aspects, the research stay will be mutually beneficial.

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