Our research saves lives, improves quality of life for drivers, advances driving simulation technologies, and improves the efficiency and productivity of the automotive and supporting industries. 

Areas of Expertise

The Driving Safety Research Institute conducts research with simulators and on-road vehicles. Funded by government, military, and industry partners, our expertise includes the following: 

Research spotlights

Below are just a few of our highlighted research projects and programs. 

NADS research vehicles on rural road

ADS for Rural America

We're demonstrating the unique challenges of rural roads in automated vehicle (AV) research and show how AVs can enhance mobility for transportation-challenged rural populations. 

Cher Carney inside NADS' Tesla research vehicle

Human factors research

We study the relationship between humans and vehicles to enhance safety: how humans interact with new vehicle technologies, drowsy and distracted driving, driver training, and more.

Rose Schmitt, research coordination specialist, demonstrates (using air) how vaporized cannabis is collected into a balloon, which is used for dose administration.

Drugged driving research

Our drugged driving research focuses on understanding how various drugs affect driving performance and how impairment from those can be detected. See some of our major findings and recent news in drugged driving research.