Andrew Veit

Director of miniSim program

Andrew Veit is the miniSim™ program manager, responsible for proposals, product management, and system design. The miniSim™, a versatile driving simulation software platform ideally suited to applied R&D, human factors, and medical research, is available with hardware configurations ranging from 1/4-cab to full cab simulators.

He has served as PI and PM for over 100 miniSim™ projects. The miniSim™ has a strong and growing presence in the research market, with over 70 simulators at 55 sites in four countries. Mr. Veit has designed and installed custom miniSim simulators for multi-site clinical data collections, including the evaluation of intraocular lens implants and pharmaceuticals. He has been integral to numerous upgrades and repairs to the NADS-1 in-house research simulator, including designing and installing replacement motion drive assemblies and a projector upgrade.

Prior to joining the Driving Safety Research Institute in 2005, Mr. Veit had nine years of experience in the design and development of physical test systems, test instrumentation, and motion system design. He was an employee of Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) for three years conducting test engineering and consulting for a diverse range of commercial and military clients. He was an employee of MTS Systems Corporation for six years engaged in product development and custom test system design. His product development experience includes design from conception to production, EMC and safety compliance (CE, UL marks), and installation and training at customer sites.

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Andrew Veit
M.S. and B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Iowa