Gregory Wagner

Director of Instrumentation Engineering

Gregory Wagner has been working in the electrical engineering field since 1988 and has extensive experience in the area from work at the University of Iowa’s Driving Safety Research Institute, IIHR – Hydroscience and Engineering, and Department of Chemistry.

He has planned, designed, executed, and led the construction, upgrades, and repairs of complex electronic and mechanical systems for the NADS-1 simulator. He has provided planning, design, construction, and support services for IIHR’s complex instrumentation activities including fluid flow, electromechanical control systems and remote sensing in the field; interfaced computers with data acquisition and control devices; developed specifications for and sought vendors to provide specialized equipment; prepared estimates, proposals, budgets, and reports; developed microcontroller based electronic/electromechanical instruments for teaching and research labs in the Chemistry and Chemical and Biochemical Engineering departments; repaired and maintained a wide variety of instrumentation; advised and consulted faculty, staff, and students in their electronic related endeavors; supervised technical support staff; managed IIHR’s and Chemistry’s Electronics Shop activities and inventory; and installed and maintained Chemistry’s computing resources.

Before coming to the University of Iowa he worked for the Department of Defense on missile test systems utilizing LIDAR and RADAR as well as global positioning systems (GPS), high speed film/video, and optics.

Greg Wagner
B.S., Electrical Engineering, Iowa State University