Stephen Cable

Senior Systems Administrator

Stephen Cable has been fascinated with technology from a young age and involved with driving research at the University of Iowa since 1998. His professional interests include systems and network design, web application design and deployment, user interfaces, hardware implementation, and multimedia production. He has been involved heavily in the development of simulator subsystems using modern web architectures.

His recent achievements include the design of the control systems for the NADS-1 and NADS-2 image generator subsystems, a scalable video encoding application, a web-based control panel for miniSims, as well as full-stack development of a fully articulated, skinnable infotainment system (touchscreen and OEM physical controls) that can replicate OEM design. Mr. Cable is also experienced with integration of live navigation maps into the simulator and on-road vehicles. Most recently, he developed a live link between the Iowa DOT Traffic Management Center, the HERE® LiveMap, and our on-road vehicle.

Steve Cable
B.S., Computer Science, University of Iowa