Monday, January 25, 2021
Visiting scientist Felix Ellensohn
Visiting scientist Felix Ellensohn from the Technical University of Munich, Germany

Visiting scientists from around the world come to NADS to work on research projects for sometimes months at a time and collaborate with our experts. One such example was in fall 2019, with Felix Ellensohn from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. A PhD research assistant in applied mechanics, he came to NADS to evaluate a motion cueing algorithm (MCA) with the motion simulation of the NADS-1 simulator.  

The NADS-1 provides a realistic driving experience, but it is a balancing act to get that simulation experience just right. To the driver, it must feel like they are still moving forward, while the simulator is actually returning to the center of the room in order to stay within its boundary (in a process known as MCA or washout).   

The MCA that makes this possible is what Felix was analyzing. His conclusion? He found that the NADS MCA provides a higher motion cueing quality than the one he developed and tested—which provided more evidence that effective motion washout is still something of an art.

This article originally appeared in the 2020 NADS Annual Report.