Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Spearheaded by the Iowa DOT, the Iowa Advisory Council on Automated Transportation (ATC) is setting the course for the future of automated transportation in Iowa. The University of Iowa serves as a co-chair of the ATC for management and logistics, while also providing expertise in vehicle safety, policy, and education.

Long-time NADS staff member Cherie Roe, whose title is now AV Transportation & Outreach Specialist, is now supporting the Iowa ATC by facilitating various committee and working group meetings and assisting with the ATC newsletter. “It strengthens our relationship with the Iowa DOT when doing automated driving research, and it keeps us in the loop on AV activity across the state,” says Roe.

Leaders across the state are involved in regular committee meetings to discuss topics covering policy and legislation, economic development, infrastructure readiness, and public safety and enforcement.

Roe (pictured) is shown driving the NADS Ford Transit and is also safety lead for our ADS for Rural America demonstration project